Projects & Contributions

A partial list some of the projects I've built or contributed to lately, in no particular order.


A suite of three related libraries/CLI tools (Pod::Literate, pod-weave, and pod-tangle) designed to support light-weight Literate Programming in Raku. For more details, check out the announcement blog post.


The CLI app for remembering those little things that slip your mind.

mnemonic allows you to quickly create or edit notes from your terminal and to display the notes with full syntax highlighting (including for Markdown).


pass-gen is a command-line utility that generates secure, pronounceable passphrases which can be used on their own, copied to a GUI password manager, or piped directly into a password manager.

Imagine you need to log into your email account from a computer at the library. Which password would you rather type in: {!]&Sk)r"ss|$K40:]PP''3k- or skirt?UNSTEADY?legend?SUPERJET?livable?DINGBAT?507? What if I told you that the second one is just as secure as the first?

Mastodon Utilities

I've built a couple different simple web apps for interacting with Mastodon using it's REST API and Oauth.

First, I built Tool for Tabulating Thirty Top Tooters, which allows users to find other users they've favorated the most. (source).

Second, I built Mastodon-de-mob, a tool designed to help prevent harassment by letting users block all the users who boosted or favorated a harassing toot. I hope it's never needed, but I'll be glad I built it in advance if it is.

gtypist typing lessons

An eleven-part series of typing lessons focusing on the characters that programmers use most often and written in the domain-specific-language supplied with GNU's gtypist program.

I wrote these lessons when I was first transitioning from law to programming and needed to improve my speed/accuracy with keys I hadn't needed to use before (like [, {, and \). I later released it publicly in case others are facing the same issue.


A simple alarm/reminder system that triggers a notification in the dwm title bar. Written in Rust.

This Website

The website you're reading right now! I tried to do things a bit differently with this website.

In building this website, I had three main goals. I wanted the site to:

Here is my analysis of how well I managed to meet these goals.