A few years ago, I was a practicing attorney working on high-stakes, eight-figure commercial litigation with a firm in New York. But then, a funny thing happened: my firm needed a lawyer to learn to program (it's a long story) volunteered and I fell in love with coding. Within a year, I'd transitioned to full-time software development – although I've maintained my law license.

These days, I mostly work in and on Raku – a concise, expressive, aggressively multiparadigm language that supports gradual typing, built-in concurrency, rich metaprogramming, and best-in-class, Unicode-first string processing and pattern matching. In addition to coding in Raku, I serve on the Raku Steering Council and on the Raku/Perl legal committee. I also program a fair amount in Rust (perfect for when I need the performance that comes from being closer to the metal) and JavaScript.

I blog here on www.codesections.com/blog and share my shorter thoughts using the distributed, open-source social network Mastodon under the username @codesections@fosstodon.org . If you have any questions or just want to say "hi", feel free to email me at daniel@codesections.com or to reach out through any other contact method.